Oral SurgerySome dental procedures involve surgery, for example pulling out wisdom teeth, inserting implants, and bone grafting, among others.

In Costa Rica, you’ll find dental surgeons that will offer the same quality of service you’d expect in the US.

However, surgery is always invasive, and you can improve your experience and the chances of long-term success of your dental procedure by preparing for your surgery.


Before the dental surgery…

  • Talk with your dental surgeon and learn all you can about your surgery. Learn what exactly is going to happen, what the risks are, and what specific requirements or care you’ll need, such as time off from work, dietary restrictions, and how long it will take to recover.
  • If possible, obtain all the medication that you’ll need at home. This is not only practical, but it will also let you know where you can get the medication at home and how much it costs. You’ll also know exactly where to go if you need more medication. You will also know if certain medication is unavailable at home or if you can’t bring it with you, so you can solve this problem with your dentist beforehand.
  • Talk with your dentist about any other condition or illness that you have and whether you are taking medication for it. You may find that you’ll need to stop taking it or replace it.
  • Plan your trip from the dentist’s office to your hotel and from your hotel to your hometown. You probably won’t be able to drive and will have to take a taxi. Also, you may need to stay in your hotel room for a certain period of time before going out or taking the flight back home.
  • You may have some dietary restrictions as a result of the surgery or the medications, such as a bland or liquid diet. You should inform the hotel staff about it and consider how you will prepare your diet at home.
  • In most cases, you’ll be able to go back to the hotel right after your surgery. However, in a few cases, patients have to stay the night at a hospital. If this is your case or if you have to stay in your hotel room for a few days, have books, magazines, a laptop, or something else that will keep you entertained.
  • You will need to stop smoking for a few days before and after the surgery. Smoking is one of the main causes of infections in post-surgery. It can also re-open the wound. You will also need to avoid alcohol as it will interfere with the effects of the medication.

By following these simple tips, you’ll reduce your recovery time and decrease risks of complications.

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