Tooth Colored FillingsWho wouldn’t prefer fillings that match the natural color of your teeth so well that nobody could tell the difference, as opposed to metal amalgam fillings that can blacken with age?

Not only do tooth-colored fillings offer an aesthetic alternative to dental silver/mercury amalgam fillings — they can often allow for a treatment method that preserves more of the tooth’s structure.  A problem with amalgam fillings is that they cannot bond with the tooth — they merely rest on it and need undercuts to hold them in place.  Undercutting removes some of the healthy tooth, and that can lead to weakening and future cracks.

Another problem with amalgams is that over time, they act just like any metal — they expand and contract.  This is because the temperature of your mouth changes, for instance when you have a cold or hot drinks.  This can cause fractures in the adjacent tooth structure, and then the filling must be replaced with an even larger and deeper filling, or with a crown.

Two important sources — scientific studies and clinical experience — have shown that tooth-colored fillings are safe, reliable and long-lasting.  Plus, they look great.  With modern techniques, they bond very well to the tooth – even to a flat surface – meaning the dentist can place a very conservative restoration, removing just enough of the decayed and weakened tooth structure to make a strong restoration, and thus preserving more of your healthy tooth structure.

They are durable, fracture-resistant, and able to withstand chewing pressure. There is a relatively new category of processed composite resin — polymer-glass, polymer-ceramic, and cercomer (ceramic-optimized polymer) that all have improved properties, and are reported to have achieved precise shade matching capabilities, matching your smile’s natural appearance by blending seamlessly.  And the procedure can usually be accomplished in just one visit to the dentist.

When you put these advantages together, it’s no wonder so many patients are now asking for tooth-colored fillings.

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