Mercury Filling Removal
When you think of dentists and dental cavities you think of drilling, right? Most of us just assume that this is the only way to treat teeth with decay. We are resigned to sitting there uncomfortably in the chair listening to the drill while the dentist makes holes in our teeth.

But did you know that there is another option that does not involve much drilling? In fact, there is a whole new field of minimally invasive dentistry and the primary solution for tooth decay is oxygen ozone therapy and not drilling.

Many of us have heard the term “ozone” as it applies to the environment—as in, “ozone pollution is high today.” But did you know that ozone can be used in various ways to enhance healing? Yes, ozone has a positive history of being used successfully to treat various medical and dental conditions.

What is Oxygen Ozone?

Ozone is simply a form of oxygen with a slightly different chemical makeup than the stuff we breathe. So, how does it work in dentistry? The bottom line is that the kinds of bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease don’t like an ozone-rich environment. So, exposing your teeth or gums to ozone, causes these bacteria to die and your own natural healing processes can restore your body tissues, such as your gums, and even, to a great extent, the inside of your teeth as well. (The tissues “remineralize” and harden once the bacteria are eliminated.)

What does this mean for you? For starters, it means no or only minimal drilling of your teeth. It means that you will be able to retain more natural tooth tissues. It also means that you can avoid many of the toxic chemicals some dentists use after drilling teeth.

But finding a dentist who is willing and able to use oxygen ozone therapy can be a challenge, and affording the dental treatment you need in the USA or Canada can be cost prohibitive, especially if you need treatment for extensive gum disease for example.

Costa Rica offers some of the most up-to-date dental treatments available in the world including oxygen ozone therapy. And, treatment in Costa Rica costs a fraction of what it does in your home country.

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