Smiles Guaranteed at Costa Rica’s Sonria Dental Boutique

A smile is the universal welcome. One way of perfecting that smile is giving Sonria Dental Boutique a visit. Located at one of the most accessible parts of Costa Rica, Sonria takes care of not only your dental problems but your overall well-being during the procedure as well. Sonria provides some of the best dental implants in Costa Rica and boasts incredible results in their full mouth restoration work in Costa Rica. Sonria is committed to the best in dental care through a combination of technology, aesthetics, and almost spa-like dental services.

At Sonria, the patient’s comfort comes first. From relaxing music to personalized treatment everything is done keeping in mind the comfort of the patient. For overseas patients looking for a dental treatment, be it dental implants or a full mouth restoration in Costa Rica, Sonria Dental Boutique can handle it all. Sonria Dental Boutique offers a private driver service to pick patients up and take them to their appointments. Once inside the clinic, the atmosphere is entirely relaxing and the warm and friendly service makes you feel truly welcome.

Led by Dr.Oriana Gonzalez, Sonria Dental Boutique boasts of a group of specialized dentists all of whom are top graduates from some of the leading dental schools in Costa Rica and around the globe. The dentists are highly trained in all dental procedures, technology and materials. Patient testimonials claim that the dentists create a special connection with the patients, making dental care a comforting and relaxing experience…at least as much as dental care can be! The dentists at Sonria determine the cause of your dental problems and recommend a specialized solution. The dentists will do a thorough oral exam after which they will discuss your specific condition, treatment options and the results you can expect. At times, to provide an accurate treatment the dentist may need to order X-Rays or other tests. Once the patient is comfortable with the solution, Sonria provides a state of the art dental care in a comfortable boutique atmosphere. The dentists are always happy to answer all of your questions and explain in detail the procedures being considered. At Sonria, you will always be attended by specialist, not general practitioners.

The dentists at Sonria are fluent in both Spanish and English to cater to American and Canadian patients. Every patient is treated with genuine care and consideration. Whether you want a dental implant or full mouth restoration in Costa Rica, hundreds of patients have been very pleased with the results offered by Sonria Dental Boutique. The main goal of Sonria Dental Boutique is to make you smile confidently. It’s just like their slogan states…at Sonria Dental Boutique, “it’s all about your smile.”