Personal Patient Attention in Costa Rica

Personal Patient Attention in Costa Rica

There are times and places where multi-tasking just isn’t a good idea. A dental clinic is one of those places. Yet many dentists in the US fill their treatment rooms with patients and then scurry back and forth from one patient to another.  This is a bad practice, especially when surgery is involved. A patient should have a dentist’s full, undivided attention when they are sitting in a dental chair.

One of the reasons people genuinely appreciate their dental experience in Costa Rica is the level of personal attention they receive. Top dentists work with one patient at a time, giving them their entire attention.

Personal Patient Attention in the Dental Chair

“Each of our patients receives the full attention of our lead dentist…me!” says Dr. Jose Garita, owner of ConfiDental Costa Rica in San Jose.

“Patients need more than the best equipment and skilled dentists available. They also need to feel cared for and that their own personal needs are taken into account. One part of that is to make certain they are the only patient a dentist is thinking about.”

This intensive, one-on-one personal care provides better results for the patient. With complete, focused concentration on a single task, dentists can do a better job, make fewer mistakes, reduce the risks of contamination and give the patient a much better experience. When everyone on the staff is working together to support the dentist/patient relationship—when the receptionist makes certain there is enough time for the dentist to perform a procedure and a dental assistant is always on hand—that makes a difference.

No one wants to be treated like another cog in an assembly line. That’s not what any patient needs. But it takes planning and training to create the kind of relaxed, unhurried atmosphere that makes patients comfortable enough to share their concerns and ask questions. “That’s why at ConfiDental, every member of our staff receives training in the things that make our patients feel welcomed and cared for,” says Dr. Garita.

Taking the time to talk with patients is part of the culture in Costa Rica. Dentists will take the time to sit with you and explain carefully the advantages of each option they recommend, why they are suggesting them, and what the cost for each one would be. They also take the time to discuss with you the details of your recovery, such as dietary restrictions, expected recovery time, medications, etc.

But perhaps the greatest advantage of a high level of personal care is the satisfaction that each patient gets when they come to Costa Rica. When they go back home, they take with them high-quality dental restorations, but also the feeling that they mattered. And that to us, is our first and top priority.

If you are interested in personalized dental care in Costa Rica, fill out the “Find a Dentist” form and one of our patient advocates will reply to your needs.